Call for Papers
Scope of the Conference
This Conference will be the major international event in probabilistic safety assessment and management (PSAM) for 2014. The Conference will present and discuss innovative methodologies and the practical applications of these technologies in both reliability analysis and PSA. The Conference will focus on the improvement of performance and safety of complex technological systems, economics, and environment — accentuating a broad PSA application and the human element. Domains will be broad to ensure the cross-fertilization of methods, technologies and ideas.
Consequence Modeling and Management
Digital I&C and Software Reliability
Enterprise Risk Management
Environmental Impact Assessment
Fire Simulation and Analysis
Human Reliability Analysis
Industrial Safety and Accident Analysis
Lifetime and Ageing Management
Maintenance Modelling and Optimisation
Occupational Safety
Operational Experience and Data Analysis
Phenomena Modeling
Policy Making and Legislative Issues
Reliability Analysis and Risk Assessment Methods
Automotive Engineering
Aviation and Space
Biotechnology and Food Industry
Chemical and Processing Industry
Civil Engineering
Crisis and Emergency Management
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Energy Production and Distribution
Environment and Sustainable Development
External Hazards and Climate Risks
Health and Medicine
Technical Disciplines
Risk and Hazard Analyses
Risk Governance and Societal Safety
Risk Informed Applications
Risk Informed Licensing and Regulation
Risk Management in Large Projects
Risk Perception and Communication
Safety Assessment Software and Tools
Safety Culture and Human & Organizational Factors
Safety Integrity Level (SIL)
Safety Management and Decision Making
Structural Reliability Analysis Methods
Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis, Bayesian methods
Application Areas
Manufacturing and Mechanical Systems
Marine Engineering
Nuclear Engineering
Offshore Oil and Gas
Public Planning and Policy Decisions
Security and Defense
Training and Education
Waste Management
Special Sessions
Recent Developments from Testing of Fire-Related Phenomena for Nuclear Plant Applications
The Petro-HRA Project: Adapting SPAR-H to a Petroleum Context
Application of Probability and Physics for NASA Risk Assessment Applications
External Events Hazard/PRA Modeling for Nuclear Power Plants
Incorporation of Ageing Aspects in PRA Models
Benchmark Problem #1 – A Space Propulsion System
Risk Management Methods and Applications for Asset Management
Safety Margin Representation and Quantification
Aging Management Issues for Nuclear (Spent) Fuel and HLW Transport and Storage Installations
Safety Culture and Organizational Factors
Cyber Security and Digital I&C
Reliability of Passive Systems
Dynamic Reliability
Infrastructure Risk Analysis
Modeling Concepts in Human Reliability Assessment
Risk assessment for hydrogen fuel cell applications and infrastructure
Integrated Deterministic and Probabilistic Safety Assessment
SOARCA Uncertainty Analyses